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About OLD

Travelling for me is not the hobby or passion, it is the way of life that makes me satisfied with my existance. The power of wandering, exploring, discovering news places, cultures, tastes and natural beauty holds me in constant spin. Getting out of my confort zone became my new obsession. At the university I developed my passion for documentary and reportage photography.

My travel diary begins in 2013 when I joined project called World Bike Travel. Being part of this crazy and challenging idea inspired me to travel alternative way. I was getting lost by bicycle, hitchhike, bus, train, plane, boat or motorbike. I biked almost 8 000 km around the world as a non-proffesional cyclist noob with zero experiences with bicycle touring.

My travel and photography website was created to share my journey around the world through my pictures, words and videos. Take as much as you like, its here to inspire and encourage you to go and live your dream. I have traveled to around 30 countries so far and there are many more on my list. Come and exlore with me.