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Visiting Koh Lanta for second time

Visiting Koh Lanta for second time

When you once fall in love with the place, you have to come back. Same island, different place, different beach, different impresions. How does it feel to be back?

When it comes to countries, my travel impressions are always very intense. It may be different because of people, food, nature, places or just overall.  I have visited Thailand for the fist time in 2015. The whole stay was way more adventurous than I was expecting. There is one simple reason why – travelling by bike. Spending there almost 2 months printed beautiful memories in my mind. People were kind and nice, as may you surely heard about „ever comforting Thai smile,“ food was amazing and the adventure was just so real. Thailand left only the best impressions and strike very fast at the top of my list of the most favorite destinations.

Obviously I wanted to come back and feel the same I did a few years ago. Second time it was slightly different. Thailand went through many changes and it is now a avaliable tourist destination for people around the world. It is crowded and more expensive in compare to my first time there. If you think you can avoid crowds just by choosing different place or less visited island, that may be tricky. Asking why? Less services, higher prices and therefore more stress and less pleasure at your holiday.

Paradise for everybody, Koh Lanta

Fortunately Koh Lanta did not disappoint us in compare with other places. It is the best place where you can go for day trips to Four Islands and Emerald Cave (which is amazing), Koh Phi Phi, snorkeling tours or Koh Rok Island. On the way there we stopped at Phi Phi Islands and took a short longtail boat trip around to the Monkey Island and some snorkeling spots. Phi Phi is my ultimate favourite destination when it comes to Thailand´s soutern coast. Andaman see is here just amazing and as you can see on the pictures, it is pure fairytale. Be avare that during the main seasion from mid December till the end of January it is crowded there.

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